Conscious Cocktails

Dragonfruit Smash 

Smashed dragonfruit and guava juice, spiked with lime & pomegranate, finished with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic 
create a bright delight in a glass. 11

Pomelo Spritz

A grapefruit spritz developed with intention, containing Sparkling Wine and Amass Gin brings together this light, 
zero proof drink. 12


Rasasvada Black Ginger Restorative Spirits, Seedlip Spice 94, lemon & a touch of anise over ice is a cool, calming 
beverage with undertones of molasses. 13

Essence of Oceans

Aplos, an opalescent non-alcoholic, hemp-infused spirit, sea bean blue spirulina simple syrup, create this unique zero proof martini. 14

Matcha Man

Ruby Artemisia Spirit Restorative, Seedlip Garden 108 & matcha mingle with a fig-cardamom shrub for a 
green, clean zero-proof drink topped with foam. 12

The Dirty South

This stimulating, sensual drink spins together Aphroteasiac elixir, essence of magnolia flower, & watermelon juice in 
a lowball glass for a quite unique faux tail. 15

Purple Reign 

A deeply colored mix of A New Day elixir with blackberry fruit, black tea and lime is so deliciously concentrated, it is served 
in a cordial glass. 11

The Fox Trot

Inspired by a dream-visiting fox, Divinity & Dreamwork elixir, lemon juice spritz and pineapple juice blend to make a slightly 
tropical, ever so calming sippable. 14

Traditional Cocktails

Transformative Gin & Tonic

A refreshing but complex take on a classic, gin meets Fever Tree cucumber tonic that mellows into hints of basil. 14

Tropic Moon

Tropical flavors of passionfruit, pineapple & guava meld with Kahlua, a pop of Sanbitters and lime, 
for a smooth & fruity cocktail. 14

Peach Brandy Flip

Full & silky, we bring you the air of fresh thyme, mellow of vanilla and peach and the acid of bitters for a perfectly balanced cocktail. 15

Citrus Paradisi

Hints of rosemary & bergamot finish a bright vodka & grapefruit cocktail, reminiscent of an old timey Greyhound. But better. 13

Angels & Demons

Watermelon & habanero bring the sweet and heat of this unique margarita. 14

Twisted Vintage

Bourbon is balanced with citrus, depth is brought with Earl Grey and balanced with citrus, this is a mouth explosion that mellows. 15

The Green House

A TGH Signature, Green Chartreuse, fresh pineapple, nutmeg & mint balance to create a flavor that is as unique & delightful as 
its namesake establishment. 15