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Lettuces, Herbs, Microgreens

The Green House is proud to grow organic and non-GMO herbs and greens right beside the restaurant. Our greenhouse contains 18 Tower Gardens that host over 1000 plants in only 250 square feet of space! This method of sustainable farming allows us to yield enough greens to supply our restaurant and others with the freshest produce possible. We intentionally grow lettuces, herbs, and micro greens to maximize freshness and availability. You can’t get much more farm to table than that!

All of the plants, indoors and out, are lovingly tended to by resident horticulturist, Michelle Lyon-Heatherly. Michelle and her husband Terrell have spent over a decade working intensively with plants- at one point owning and operating their own landscaping business and garden center in Wilkesboro, NC.


Michelle is passionate about the quality and eco-friendly power of Tower gardening. She offers educational classes for personal gardens or setting up large scale tower farms for businesses. Always happy to share her knowledge with others, Michelle can turn anyone into a master gardener!

Exclusive Greenhouse Dining Experience

Upon request only, we are able to accommodate very limited seating within our on-site greenhouse.  

A five-course tasting menu will be curated specifically for you, focused on seasonality and sustainability. Carefully chosen wines will pair each course. 

If an exclusive, elevated experience interests you, please email so that we are able to make all necessary arrangements. 

This special seating is $350 for 2 people and can accommodate a maximum of 4 guests.

Growing the Future 

Did you know that Tower Gardens are one of the most economic, sustainable, and nutritious growing mediums available today? As of 2022, the United States has only 3% of available farmland left. Tower gardening offers a way to efficiently grow between 20-50 plants in only 30” of floor space per tower! Endlessly customizable, they can grow indoors with attachable grow lights or outdoors in the sun! 

Most greens and herbs can be fully grown and harvested within a 6 week period. Due to the aeroponic watering system, the water gets recycled from the tower base which uses 98% less water than traditional farming methods.


Organic and non-GMO minerals and nutrients are added to the water so there’s no soil involved at all! The plants are watered and nourished in automated increments to ensure they grow to their full potential. The resulting produce has a higher nutrient content for a healthier meal and a happier planet! 


The Green House was founded on a passion and commitment to sustainability without compromise. We choose to offer Tower Garden-grown greens on our menu because it’s a small step towards the big picture of what farm to table can be. 


Email to schedule a visit

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