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   Our menu changes with the seasons and is updated daily based on local availability so please check back frequently to see what’s new on our plates! 


Wilmington Bread Company Focaccia, Green Olive, Whipped Butter, Apple, Saba 12.

Blistered Cauliflower, Sweet Potato Mole, Hazelnut Salsa Macha, Grapefruit 15.

Crispy Potato Terrine, Celeriac-Apple, Perigord Truffle, Chive 16.

Mushroom-Walnut Pate, House Pickles, Olive Oil Toast, Garden Herbs 17.

Mushroom Risotto, Sour Pecan Butter, Crispy Shallot, Perigord Truffle 19.

Soup and Salad.

Tower Garden Lettuces, Pickled Onion, White Balsamic Vinaigrette, Spiced Pecans 13.

Red Beard Spinach Salad, Green Apple, Candied Walnut, Red Wine Vinaigrette 12.

Smoked Mushroom Stew, Dark Roux, Collard Greens, Sea Island Red Peas 12.


Grilled Lion’s Mane, Sweet Potato, Cauliflower, Spinach, Smoked Beet Shoyu 28.

Chickpea Merguez, Sea Island Red Pea Hoppin’ John, Sherry Creamed Greens 25.

Marsh Hen Mills Creamed Grits, Blistered Brussel Sprouts, Marinated Apple, Almond Ricotta 26.

Carrot Tortelloni, Roasted Carrot, Radicchio, Lavender-Sorghum Gastrique, Pistachio 28.


Marsh Hen Mills Grits, Almond Ricotta  6.

Flight of Hot Sauces 6.

Sherry Creamed Collards 4.


Macaroons 8.

Ice Cream Trio 9.

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