sustainability mission statement

The Mission of The Green House is to bring intentional and sustainable practices to local vegan fine dining in order to positively affect global environmental change.


The Green House wants you to know what it brings to the table, literally and figuratively. Our mission encompasses not only your fine dining experience but also leads by example through every action. Each decision in the development and implementation of The Green House has been been made with intention: from sourcing choices to materials to carefully researched suppliers and ingredients.




Our decision to being vegan dining to Wilmington, within the realm of sustainability, is the single biggest way to reduce one’s environmental footprint by up to 73% without meat and dairy products.

We locally source foods whenever possible. Using the right sources is crucial. We currently partner with Shelton Farm, Terravita Farm, Feast Down East, Tidal Creek Cooperative, Wilmington Food Forest, among others.

Upon completion, our on-site greenhouse will supply as many of our greens as possible throughout the year. Our current greenhouse is in Scotts Hill, NC.

We make all breads, cheeses, jams, preserves and pickled dishes in-house.

All drinking and cooking water within and used by the restaurant is run through a reverse osmosis system.
While we do not have to-go bags, we do offer a reusable, washable paper bag for a donation to the Plastic Ocean Project.

We compost all of our food waste.



We offer an extensive non-alcoholic menu. Just as there is a sustainable way to eat, there is a sustainable way to drink that offers all of the flavor and complexity of any other cocktail.

Many bar syrups and garnishes are made in house. 

Our elixirs and shrub are made locally by Conjure NC and Home Body Field Goods. 


Front Of House

Our walls are plaster with lyme wash which is a living breathing material.

All of our wooden surfaces to include our tables and wooden cabinetry were made by a local artisan - reclaimed 180 year old hard wood pine from a local warehouse.

Our floors, in the front and the back of the house, are extraordinarily durable quarry tiles made from clay that is untreated and naturally stain and slip-resistant.

There is no single-use plastic used in the restaurant. Metal straws are offered upon request.


State Of The Art Kitchen

Our back of the house was given as much thought and consideration as the front. We wanted to create overall equity between the front and back with equal quality throughout our space.

All of our appliances are ENERGY STAR Certified as the most energy efficient appliances on the market.

We contracted with Duke Power through Arcadia Power. Arcadia Power is a climate-change-fighting tech company that ensures our power is sourced from clean, renewable energy sources.



In efforts to conserve water, our toilets are high-efficiency to remove waste by velocity, rather than volume, using only 1.28 gallons per flush as compared to older toilets that use between 1.6 and 7 GPF.

Our guests enjoy drying their hands with cloth towels, rather than single use paper towels.