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Our Team

Mauricio Huarcaya - Head chef
James Roberts -
 Sous chef
David Walters - Dishwasher
Juan Valbuena - Line. cook
Dexter Spencer-
Line. cook

Stephanie O'Drisdoll - Bartender
Sarah Harman - Bartender
Regan DeSutter - Bartender
Sophia Reese - Host

Employment Opportunities

The Green House is now hiring fine dining staff for back of house positions. The Green House is more than a restaurant. It is a growth mindset oriented community that revolves around the ideas of sustainability, inclusivity and uncompromisable standards. We respect, appreciate and embrace our difference while also experiencing new paths together towards a culture of likeminded learners who, in turn, will lead by example and educate others. From back of house to front, team members will have the opportunity to cross train and collaborate.

If you have ever wanted to a part of a restaurant beyond a single position, The Green House is delivering that very opportunity by virtue of its chosen culture.

Team members that bring exceptional customer service, initiative, professionalism, and a willingness to learn will find a wealth of opportunity within the restaurant.

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