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The Green House Restaurant and Red Beard Farm come together to bring you an extraordinary event -Dinner at the Farm: Farm Tours, Live Music, Open Bar, 6-course dinner, featuring Red Beard Farm produce. It's the perfect Sunday afternoon to celebrate the fall harvest season and connect with the hardworking farmers who make it all happen.
Don't miss out on this incredible farm-to-table experience!

Tickets are $150 per person or $250 for two
Secure your spot now on Eventbrite via this link 

Date: October 8th
Time: 2pm - 6pm

Location: 5258 Horse Branch Road Willard, NC 

Greenhouse 12.HEIC
We are Educators. It is time to learn.

We are so excited to meet you! From local events to monthly tower gardening and cooking classes and our a day-long cooking school for those who want an in-depth introduction to plant-based living,

we serve our community. 


Whether you are new to plant-based dining or looking to pick up some new techniques, TGH Cooking School will bring you up to speed within a single day. This 8-hour curriculum will include a brief introduction to a plant based diet before diving into pantry basics, dish building, and flavor balance. We will provide you with the tools necessary to get you through breakfast, lunch, and dinner when you learn to prep and prepare simple, yet delicious meals, and walk away with enough knowledge to get you started or simply up your passion for plants

Next school date: November 5th, 2023, 9am-5pm

To sign up email

$275 per person. All nessasary supplies included

GROWING CLASSES: Hydroponics and Aeroponics

Ever wish that basil plant lasted all year or microgreens were clipped fresh from your counter? Hydroponic growing brings you the gift of year round greens at your fingertips and Michelle Lyon-Heatherly, our lead horticulturist, will show you how it’s done. Whether you want to make your own counter-top system or invest in a garden tower, these classes are just for you. 

Next class date: September 30th. 2023, 9am-11am

To sign up email 

$50 per person. All necessary supplies included


Our Chefs offer private cooking classes which are a fun, interactive way to learn new and exciting ways to play with your food. This is a great experience for teams, partners, and friends. 

In such classes, Chef introduces you to a selection of dishes and explains the context for each plate, the structure and preparation of the food, and how you can make it your own because as long as it tastes good to you, it can’t be wrong. Courses are appropriate for anyone interested in plant-based, culinary arts. A sit down dining experience always concludes the class.

Please email to schedule

$300 per class (up to 6 people)

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