The Beginning: 

Cheese Board     An assortment of soft and hard vegan cheeses accompanied by seasonal compote, candied nuts and house made crackers. 25

Mushroom Board     A hearty and diverse collection includes stuffed, sautéed, roasted, and marinated mushrooms. 23


Pâté Board     Derived from beans, seeds, nuts, and vegetables, a selection of seasonal plant-based pâtés deliver extraordinary flavor in an innovative way. 21

The Following: 

Ribbons of Root     Paper-thin ribbons of vegetable root and asparagus combine with butterbeans, pomegranate, and macadamia to meet with a bright cilantro-mint vinaigrette. 13

Tuscan Kale     Chopped kale greens are tossed with tomatoes, red onion, and a creamy red wine vinaigrette, topped with white miso paste glazed croutons and roasted hazelnuts. 12

Arugula & Herbs     Grilled potato served with fresh green peas, pecans and dijon hemp vinaigrette come together to heighten fresh herbs and mellow the bite of fresh arugula. 13


The Main: 

Aubergine Filet     Seared eggplant is accompanied by a parsnip potato puree, and roasted asparagus, finished with a deep and glossy red wine demi-glace, topped with crispy roasted shallots and dusted with fresh horseradish. 29

Summer Vegetables     A slow braised medley of calico carrots, sweet potato, onion and saffron beurre blanc is graced with chimichurri sauce and served over smoked cheddar grits with summer beans. 26

Wild Mushroom     A savory sour cream sauce hosts a thick cut medley of wild mushrooms atop buttered Stroganoff buckwheat with a side of pickled vegetables. 23

Italian Sausage & Roasted fennel     A grilled Italian sausage made from walnuts and white beans, are nestled upon a fresh Fennel tomato sauce. 28


Artichoke Flowers     A steamed, then roasted, split artichoke sits upon a bed of white wine risotto. A dollop of walnut, parsley, and mint pesto and a drizzle of lemon-garlic glaze finishes the dish. 28

The Sweet: 

The Darkest     Perfect balance of density, light, and moisture, layered with raspberry jam, fresh raspberry, 

Chocolate Cake and lime zest, lovingly encased in chocolate ganache. 14

Fruit Galette     Seasonal fruit cradled by a rustic crust and drizzled with miso caramel sauce. 13

Matcha Brûlée     A modern twist on traditional brûlée. 12

Milk & Cookies     An oversized and overloaded cookie, served with a glass of ice cold milk: a vision of home. 12